Corporate Account Takeover Protection


Learn how to protect your accounts from corporate account takeover.

  • Education is key: train your employees.
  • Secure your computer and networks.
  • Limit administrative rights. Do not allow employees to install software without prior approval.
  • Install and maintain spam filters.
  • Surf the Internet carefully.
  • Install & maintain real-time, anti-virus & anti-spyware desktop firewall & malware detection and removal software. Use these tools regularly to scan your computer. Allow for automatic updates and scheduled scans.
  • Install routers & firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to the computer or network.
  • Change default passwords regularly on all network devices.
  • Install security updates to operating systems and all applications as they become available.
  • Block pop-ups.
  • Do not open attachments from unfamiliar email senders.
  • Be on the alert for suspicious emails.
  • Do not use public Internet access points.
  • Reconcile accounts daily.
  • Note any changes in computer performance, including: Dramatic loss of speed, freezing,unexpected rebooting, unusual pop-ups, etc.
  • Make sure that employees know how and to whom to report suspicious activity at your company and at First Bank.

Contact First Bank if you:

  • Suspect a fraudulent transaction.
  • Try to process an ACH Batch and receive a maintenance page or error.
  • Receive an email claiming to be from First Bank that requests personal or company
  • information.

For more information, call 940.691.0000.